You can find a subscription that features their favorite foods if you have a larger budget. CrateJoy offers tons of great subscription boxes for food. Take a look at the CrateJoy food-inspired subscription boxes to find something they will love. A running list of gifts that my family and friends might like is what I keep. Not only do I list things that come to mind, but also items they have on their “to buy” lists but never actually get around to buying.

They’ll love this, and they are willing to spend money on it. They might also appreciate that you made a note of something about them. Many people have too much stuff. They may have a bad habit of buying whatever they want, so they don’t need holiday gifts. Many people would love to see you donate to their favorite charity.

Donate in their name. Let them know that you did it. You can also find something they like that will benefit their cause or passion. Be sure to choose their charity, not yours. The gift is meant for them. Although it might not be as exciting or fun, they may prefer a gift basket with everyday necessities to something more extravagant. You can gift a basket with their most practical items, such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and a fun bar of chocolate.

 They will appreciate you for giving them what they desire. It’s possible to make even the most mundane item feel extraordinary by wrapping it in a bow and placing it in a basket. Thrift shops have tons of baskets, so you can find one used. What topics are most appealing to them? You could buy them a book or a movie about these topics. You could make a playlist with podcasts, TED Talks, or YouTube videos about the topic you love. It wouldn’t cost much, but they would love it!

My mom bought me a book on composting last year. I love the idea of composting. It was a great idea! My sister got me an aerator to use in my compost bin for my birthday. Sweet! A media subscription might be something they would enjoy if they were movie buffs. A Book of the Month subscription might be a good option for book lovers. Or a few months of audiobook services like Libro. Fm. They might enjoy a subscription to a magazine about their favorite topic.

Last year, I purchased a book about regenerative agriculture for my aunt. I thought it would be a great gift. Because she was so excited, she went crazy when she opened the book. Spending time with others is sometimes the most valuable gift we can give. This might be more valuable than any gift we could give them.

Spend a day together doing something that you love. You and your partner can be tourists together in your local town. Do you have a dream that you’ve meant to do but never got around to doing it? Could you do it? If you have an idea but don’t know where to look for the gift, ask Google. Google often seems to be more knowledgeable than me about what I’m looking for with its auto-populate drop-down options.

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