Some of the oddest rules on Roads

Driving trucks requires extraordinary skills, including having trust in your ability to provide, get knowledge about vehicles that you encourage to operate safely for you and other road users; you must be physically and mentally fit and, of course, obey the federal and every state regulation,

But a lot of effort must be given to become a professional truck driver; there are times when you can be left scratching your head because some road rules seem a little more complicated than the nominal value. Even though most of it makes sense, others are not known to leave a heavy burden on your finances.

Let’s look at some of them in more detail:

So, the truck driver is sometimes known as heavy horn users. And it should be; there are some quite questionable drivers there on the road. If this is a case where you are (enough) warn another vehicle, then use your horns by all means.

However, if you feel you don’t use your horns in the right context, you can face a $ 50 fine on WA, $ 66 in QLD, $ 161.19 in VIC or, at NSW currently draw a $ 337 fine and if you choose to choose, Bring problems to court, fine up to $ 2,200.

Maybe, it’s best to keep a horn for special occasions.

Store in your truck (several states)

In most states, illegal has a body part outside your vehicle. This consists of waving goodbye to a friend or even bent your elbow out the window on a hot day. And this applies to passengers too.

Believe me, and you might want to obey this one because a fine can reach $ 141 in Vic and $ 298 in QLD. If it makes it better, there is no demerit point for this one.

Stay locked and Windows up (QLD and VIC)

Frequently you are in a rush, and you forget to lock your vehicle. Apart from the fact that someone can break it, it’s okay?

Not in QLD and VIC. In these countries, illegal have a vehicle you are not locked if you are more than 3 m. Above this, you must have your window with a gap no more than 5cm.

Locking your truck will help keep your bank balance from theft and penalty that comes. This fine is $ 40 in QLD and $ 117 in VIC.

Never splash and dash (NSW)

Are you driving your truck in NSW and (we hope) accidentally pounding mud on pedestrians while they are waiting for the bus? You can be fined $ 165.

Let these people wait for their buses peacefully. The best for both parties and Hino; you will remain shiny and clean.

The last strange rule: always has a pair of backup glasses

We want to share a great international cute road rule – if you need glasses to drive in Spain, you must have an additional partner in your vehicle at any time for one break. Ole!

Failure to do so will mean a lot to break the law, and it’s fine. For more truck-related updates, visit truk tronton hino

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